I’m most excited about this upcoming winter salon on February 9. Its theme is Russia! and we have over 60 people coming to listen…
We’ll also have books for sale by published authors – Lara Vapnyar and Jennifer Gilmore – thanks to a smart little company Mobile Libris. And I thought – how interesting it is, that while an unpublished writer’s life’s desire is to get published, the main appeal of this upcoming salon (for me) is to hear Lara Vapnyar read from her unpublished book. For me, it’s as if I were allowed to peak into a closed room, or let in on a secret that nobody is allowed to know but me. And as I thought all this, I realized that hearing works that haven’t been published is indeed the main attraction of my salons and the reason I started them. Because let’s face it. Some writers will never get published (even though they might be very well deserving), while published authors might take a long time to write something new… And here you have it – access to something that can’t be found anywhere else… The secret only you can know.

I’m one of the unpublished ones (for full length fiction that is). Yet I realize that getting published for me is not a goal in itself (I’ve only sent out two queries for my book). It’s about being heard, it’s about being on stage, watching the sparkle in the eyes of the listeners and knowing (or hoping) that they want to know more…

I believe that storytelling will never go away, the kind of storytelling where the reader and the listeners are in the same room, seeing each other’s facial expressions, postures, gestures, watching lips move and eyes dart over the page. We might live in the age of the Kindle, but listening to a good story (just for you) won’t perish. Because it’s going back to your childhood: when your mother read to you before you went to bed, and you treasured every moment of it.

Those memories sustain you, long after the stories are forgotten and the mothers are dead. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

You can probably imagine how excited I am to announce Russia as the theme for the next fiction salon!

The stars converged to have us in a gallery showcasing Russian artists and the writers I had in mind have Russia on their pages.  I’m thrilled to announce that  Jennifer Gilmore confirmed her participation. She will read from her new book Something Red. Stay tuned for the date of the salon.

Elif Kavakci, the talented fashion designer, writer and  fan of our salons, devoted a post to the most recent salon at William Bennett Gallery which she attended. 

SoHo, Dali & Powerful Female Writers

We’re very grateful for the nice words and publicity!

Photos from November 17, 2010 Salon @ William Bennett Gallery are up… Please take a look.

The next salon is planned for early February and will most likely take place at Frants Gallery Space. The one after that, in March, will be all poetry and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that.

Stay tuned for details.

Our Coming Out Party

Here is what we sent to the media folks this morning. We hope they’ll find us worthy of writing up or visiting… We serve wine too.

Vica Miller Literary Salons Website Launched; Author Publishing Deal Announced

November 12, 2010 – NEW YORK CITY – Vica Miller Literary Salons, a bi-monthly chamber reading series held in select art galleries in New York City, launched its website and announced erotica as the theme of its next salon, on November 17.

The salons – a brainchild of public-relations executive and novelist Vica Miller – provide a public platform for writers, both published and not. “I wanted to create a tangible connection between writers, readers, and agents,” said Ms. Miller. “There’re so many fantastic writers worthy of being heard. For readers and audience both, it’s an electric experience. Writers say reading at the salon has rekindled their excitement about their material; audiences report witnessing a creative effort in the unusually intimate setting.”

While the salons don’t address the hardships of getting published, nor aim to sell books for published authors, two writers recently secured representation as a result of readings at the salon. Molly Lyons of Joëlle Delbourgo Associates signed author Janet Goss shortly after hearing her read the opening chapter from her novel “Off the Grid” at the June 15, 2010 salon. Last week, New American Library, a division of Penguin Group, agreed to publish both that title and a second novel, already in progress.

“Vica is a superwoman, so when she invited me to share my work at her salon, she didn’t have to ask twice,” said Janet Goss. “But to wind up with both an agent and a two-book deal mere months after the fact is truly a life-changing event, one I couldn’t be more grateful for.”

Launched in April of 2009 and touted as “a magical space in which to read”, salons are held in private art galleries and feature four writers per evening, varying genres and themes every time. “I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the salons of late-19th century St. Petersburg,” said Ms. Miller, a native of the Russian city. “I’m lucky to have some of the finest art galleries – Susan Eley Fine Art, William Bennett, Lyons Wier – as my hosts and a solid network of gifted writers and serious readers.”

The next salon will be held on November 17 at William Bennett Gallery, with readings by Tina Barry, Stephanie Hopkins, Vica Miller, and Laurie Silver. RSVP essential to attend. Details at http://www.vicamillersalons.com

Media Contact:
Vica Miller

I’m happy to say that after a year and a half of doing the salons we have some good news to report:

Two writers found representation as a result of reading at the salon. One of them was signed by an agent practically on the spot. She (the author) offered me one of her kidneys as a token of appreciation, but I refused. Look out for the publication of “Off the Grid” by Janet Goss. She promised to mention me in acknowledgements.

Two authors told us that reading at the salon inspired them to get back to the projects they haven’t touched in over a year. Sparkles!

Two writers-new moms told us that reading at the salon was the reason to get back to writing after six months spent exclusively on diapering, feeding, cuddling and worrying, all with a serious dose of sleep deprivation…

A few attendees told us they decided to start writing again, something they’ve done a while back but gave up because of day jobs, kids (add here)…

Our next salon will take place on November 17th 2010…  Stay tuned for details..

And our official site should be launched any day now – http://www.vicamillersalons.com